Patriot Skateboards Shop Owner Fatally Shot in Front of his store

This is just very very sad news. The popular owner of a skateboarding shop in Malden, Massachusetts was gunned down in the street yesterday afternoon, witnesses and authorities said. Shawn Clark, 39, a Marine Corps veteran and father of two children, was shot multiple times in front of Patriot Skateboards on Main Street at about 12:44 p.m. I’ve read a couple different articles on this and one mentions that it was Shawn’s dream to open the skateboard shop when he came home from combat. When you think about it, it’s pretty messed up that this guy has been in war and combat and he comes back to the states, open’s up his dream shop and then get’s gunned down in front of it….the world is a messed up place sometimes. According to family members, Clark served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Clark loved skateboarding and showed that love through his shop. He was also loved by the kids in his community. Many young skateboarders held a candlelight vigil outside the business Tuesday night. They talked about all the young people Clark had helped. Police have not said what led to the shooting. Tuesday afternoon, the District Attorney released a statement saying no one had been charged in the murder.


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