YouTube removed old Monday’s with Mike V episodes?

So, I was checking out some pics on Mike V’s website of his visit to the Berrics to skate…and I see a comment on these pics saying sorry to hear about your YouTube account being removed along with all the videos like the awesome “Monday’s with Mike V” episodes. So in disbelief I go to check it out myself and can’t believe it. The snapshot above is what I find. What does this mean? I’m totally confused now because it mentioned the youtube account “ogberrics” as being one of the claimants of this copywrite infringment….What!?!? ogberrics, I believe is the Berrics account which is where Mike V just went to skate recently….I don’t get it? Does anyone else know what is going on here? Maybe ogberrics is going to post up all those Mike V videos on there account? I don’t know, me confused. Those were some awesome videos, I used to look forward to that Monday episode religiously until they ended.

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