Airwalk PROTOTYPE is back!

I should apologize for ragging on Airwalk, but they did take a different direction back in the mid 90s to go mainstream, instead of stick to their roots in skateboarding.  I think if they would have stuck to skateboarding shoes, they would be one of the tops skate shoes today.  By the look of things now, Airwalk looks to be headed in the right direction again!  They do have a two awesome skaters on their team, one being Andy Mac, who is in my age bracket but still very much on top of his game and Tulio De Oliveira who can compete with the likes of skaters like P-Rod.

I didn’t realize Airwalk started to re-introduce some of their designs from the 80s and 90s!  If you check out the wikipedia entry on Airwalk.  You can read about what happened to them in the mid 90s when one of their founders left the company.  I see this return to their hey days as a very promising thing.  It would be cool to see them in skate shops again alongside top skate shoe brands of today…I can dream!  I wish I hadn’t picked out the pair of Duffs and DVS’s now.  Maybe when I wear those out, I can get a pair of Airwalk Prototypes and a pair of Vision Street Wear Suede hightops!  Sorry, now I’m having my own 80s day!

Here is some video of Tulio De Oliveira on the Dew Tour…I hope he sticks with Airwalk and can help bring it’s popularity back with the youth of today.

and some footage of Andy Mac at the most recent Maloof Money Cup…I still can’t believe I got to meet and watch him skate my local park back in 2006.

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