No Tasty waves? Try Tarp Surfing!

     Omar Etcheverry leading a tandem tarp surfing session.

So What do you do when you’re a surfer and there just aren’t any “Tasty Waves” out there? You get yourself a great big blue tarp and have your friends pull it over you while you skate through it. Instant killer waves brah! 🙂

This whole concept started as a joke. Some local Santa Cruz surfers just wanted to get a laugh out of there friends, so they made this video for YouTube. The video starred local Santa Cruz surfers Omar Etcheverry, Homer Henard and Maverick’s alternate Nic Lamb. The video went viral and the next thing they knew, they had received over 2.5 million views and got a nomination for a People’s Choice award for Favorite Viral Video Star. The three surfers now star in a new Mountain Dew commercial that is sure to make this joke a mainstream activity! 🙂 Check out the video these guys made below and the Moutain Dew Commercial!

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