Rodney Mullen Skated Vert Secretly

This is just amazing!  A Twitter post was on the website today linking to a photo on photographer Jim Goodrich’s facebook page of Rodney Mullen skating vert!  Apparently this was a secret that Rodney Mullen kept from his parents because they forbid him from skating vert!  In the caption below the picture, it states

“Rodney Mullen in a never published photo at Sensation Basin skatepark in Gainesville. I kept this photo under wraps because his parents forbid him to skate vertical. November 1979. I thnk that’s Tim Scroggs standing on the right. Hey Rodney, I hope your parents don’t ground you for this. LOL”  

For those of you who don’t know, Rodney Mullen was the master of Freestyle skating in the 80s and invented many of the flip tricks that modern street and vert skaters perform today.  I for one was stoked to be looking at Jim Goodrich’s photos on facebook and reading comments from skate legends such as Z-Boys Jay Adams!  It truly is amazing what kind of insight into people’s lives you can get from facebook.  I befriended a couple Pro Skateboarders on Facebook recently and now all these legends in the skateboarding industry are popping up in my suggested friends.  Now my own dilemma is should I ask these pro skaters that have no clue who I am to be my friend just because I’m a huge fan?  I want to, but at the same time, I would think that would make it a pain for them to decipher their “real” friends” from those who are just fans and really don’t know them at all, ya know?  Well, I guess I can just request, leave them a little message telling them what a fan I am and they can always decline if they so choose. 🙂

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