Pro Skater Mike Vallely Gets Bad Rap

I met Professional Skate Mike V back in 2006 I believe. He had just formed a new band called Revolution Mother and they kicked ass. They were performing in a Norfolk Record Shop called Relativity Records. The concert was awesome and the venue was nice and small…it was literally like watching Metallica perform in a McDonalds….that was how close everybody was! So after the concert I get a chance to pose for pictures, ask him questions and chat about skateboarding and his influence on me back in the 80s when I first saw him in a skate video. It was great and he was a really nice guy interacting with the adults and the children that were there.

So, recently he got in a brawl at an Anaheim Ducks game. From what I saw and read about it, Mike Vallely got a bad rap from this unfortunate event. Pro Hockey player Scott Niedermayer through his stick into the crowd but was trying to get it to Mike V’s daughter. Instead some other guy pulls it out of I think Mike V’s wife’s hand. The camera gets a little wobbly after that so I can’t tell who threw the first punch but you can definitely see the other guy throwing punches and Mike retaliating with a barrage of punches. I feel bad for him and I can understand if somebody was trying to take a momento that was intended for your daughter, you might want to punch somebody who tries to swipe it away…especially if they continue to try and take it away. Who knows what words were exchanged behind that glass or what sequence of events happened, but now Mike Vallely no longer blogs for the Anaheim Ducks and they have severed their relationship with Mike V. All because of some jerk trying to take a present away from his daughter that was intended for his daughter. I say way to go Mike V for standing up for your daughter.

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  1. Saw Mike demo for Powell back in 1989 or so after he first turned pro. He was riding the XT Bonite boards that Powell made then. They had this layer of black tar paper looking shit in them and were heavy. He killed the demo needless to say and still kills it today. Noticed last night that he makes a cameo in "The Hangover". Priceless. Mike has always been a positive influence to me as a skater. Regardless of what the rest of the world says I still respect him because he stands up for his beliefs. Thanks for posting.

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