Skateboard Madness

Interesting how packaging and formats change over the years…I remember sometime back in the 80s probably when I first started skating seeing this old 70s looking skateboard movie come on TV after Saturday Morning Cartoons or maybe Sunday afternoon. Back then, I would watch anything with skateboarding in it and I did. I remember it being so entertaining visually with clear plexiglass halfpipes and just wierd structures that they were skating on and the short shorts and long hair and skinny boards. Apparently the film was shot over a couple years so you could see the progression skateboarding was taking during filming. Most evident is the the boards went from skinny 70s decks to wide 80s fish shaped boards. This film starred Stacy Peralta among other greats like Alan “Ollie” Gelfand (the inventor of the ollie) and Tony Alva. The opening has this awesome unforgettable claymation skateboarding sequence. If you’ve never seen it, go check it out! Oh and I never realized this before, but this movie is narrated by the late Phil Hartman of SNL fame…crazy stuff!

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