Happy Belated Birthday Mark Gonzales

Mark Gonzales turned 40 yesterday…oh man, how time flies! I think back to the first video I saw Mark Gonzales in, it didn’t really do him justice as it was a competition…as you all know, he has some amazing footage in many skate films, but check out the first footage I ever saw of him…I had checked this video out at the local skate shop in Bellevue, Nebraska where I lived…it was actually a Bike Shop called “Earl’s Bikes”, if I remember correctly. Earl was a cool guy, he was always willing to help all the kids get the skateboard gear they wanted and he was the only shop I knew of in town in the 80s that sold quality skate stuff. It was a pretty sketchy place however, located between two oil stacks in a old metal warehouse down a gravel road with no other shops around. Thinking back on it now, I bet his rent was cheap! 🙂 Anyways, I think I borrowed a friends VCR and connected it to my Dad’s and recorded a copy of this video….the old way of pirating…man it took so much effort back then! 🙂

Check out the clip….man, I miss launch ramps! 🙂 Well, without further adoo, Sticker Head, Mark Gonzales! 🙂

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