Natas Kaupas in Wheels of Fire

Hey look everybody, it’s the Pickpocket Man! What can I say, this video part is part of me, of my skateboarding life. The music is ingrained into my brain forever. I remember watching this video part over and over and learning every move Natas made. He seems like the kind of goofball guy you’d love to go skate with…in fact he reminded me of one of my skateboarding buddies back then. If you haven’t already, watch and learn…this is skateboarding with style…If you’ve already seen it, well, kick back and relive the memories and then go out and do some wallies if you still can! 🙂

PS. Here is the song info for those of you interested…

Eight Dayz (Claus Grabke’s band) – Pick Pocket Man Band
Eight Dayz – Leave Me All Alone

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