Nash Nightmare 1986

That is the model of my first fish shaped skateboard. My very first skateboard was a hand me down from my brother….it was from the 70s and was a red plastic skinny thing but I remember the wheels were oh so soft which made the ride real nice…the thing was tiny though and your feet hung over the edges alot. I rode that all the time as a kid and that was the first skateboard I had ever sat and then stood on. I broke that board after learning how to ollie and thinking it would be fun to try and ollie on that old tiny flat plastic skateboard and it was alot of fun at first. I was snapping huge ollies on this thing and well, I landed once not over the trucks and that was the end of that skateboards life, sad to say. So one day in the 80s when skateboarding was the latest fad and everyone was doing it, I went to the store and asked my parents to buy me a skateboard. The one I picked out was a green Nash Nightmare. I thought it was sooo cool at the time, it had this picture of Jason from Friday the 13th and creepy hands and other scary images for the graphic and I thought the cut on the griptape pattern was cool. Looking back on it now, I remember the grip tape wasn’t even grip tape, it was like little pieces of black colored sand held onto the wood with glue. The deck was flat and the wheels were like plastic and the bearings made it hard to pick up any speed. I have in the past looked for pictures of the Nash Nightmare online with no luck, so I decided to see if anyone is trying to sell one on ebay and there is!!! I’m so excited just to see it again….I had just the picture in my head to go on and now I finally get to see it again! If I had the cash I would buy this board but I just can’t afford to purchase
anything right now. This board was a total piece of crap, but it was my piece of crap, so that makes it special! 🙂 ha! My fond memory from this board and I think the last time I rode it before getting a new deck was when I rode down my hill at full speed which wasn’t very fast on the board because of the crappy bearings. One of my wheels hit a rock and my board came to a dead stop while I did not. I hadn’t gotten used to falling correctly by tucking and rolling. So I put my hand down to catch me and fractured my wrist and had a nasty cut on my elbow. I didn’t go to the hospital until the next day. The night of my injury I realized that I probably broke something becuase it hurt to lift my fork at dinner. 🙂 So, thanks Nash Nightmare for my first broken bone! 🙂 Since I’ve started skateing again in 2004, I have fractured my other wrist slipping out on a ledge and I have broken my foot (a jones fracture) by landing primo after just ollieing up onto my nose on a ledge and as I was doing a shuv-it out, I landed wierd. It wasn’t even a hard landing, but it broke. Sucks becuase I was purposely “taking it easy”. Oh well!
13 weeks in a cast….that sucked!

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5 Comments on “Nash Nightmare 1986”

  1. I remember the Nash "executioner" well. It was the 1st board for a lot of kids here for sure. I stepped up from a Nash to a Vision Gator with a rainbow color sceme and pink Vision wheels. Not "Blur" either but the really soft ones.
    Thanks for the trip!
    Check out Neil and Steve shopping and checking out some similar boards…

  2. I have a Nash Nightmare board too! picked it up off eBay for 20 bucks. The bearings and wheels weren't too good, but I'm here riding ditches with it now, works good! Old School 100% baby!

  3. i found a board just like that at the flee market for 10 dollars!!! i had to by it so i did but need new wheels and trucks but still love the deck… ITS SOOOOO COOL!!!

  4. Just picked up an executioner from a pawn shop down the street for 10 bucks. I was born around the same time these came out. I can remember seeing this style of skate in my neighborhood but at the time mom wasnt about skateboards The deck is near perfect. I'm going to slap some new hardware on this thing and shred it like someone should have 25 years ago.

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