Daniel Gesmer | The Magic of Effortless Gliding

   Anybody remember this from Powell Peralta’s “Public Domain” video? How could you not? It’s that moment when you look over at your friends and are all like….”What’s happening here?” 🙂

Well apparently Daniel has put the full version of the film that was shot for Powell-Peralta up on YouTube.  So if you have a craving for more Effortless gliding, check it out below! 🙂 I shouldn’t poke fun, as I could not do what he is doing on a skateboard. He definitely rides a board like no other human being and probably has better balance than anyone out there. I definitely have more appreciation and respect for the guy now. When I was a teenager watching this, it was totally a joke. I wonder how Stacy and George meant for “us” to take this segment…
I’m not sure if the following video was recorded in 2009, but it was published onto Youtube in 2009.  Pretty interesting insight into Daniel Gesmer.

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