Skate Inspiration for Heavier Skaters

I’m starting to feel like when I changed my blog name from NoComplyNews to StillSkateboarding, maybe I should have named it IwishIwasStillSkateboarding or maybe StillNotSkateboarding…HA!  I still love skateboarding…I watch it on TV and online whenever I get the chance, I visit every freakin day.  My mind is always looking at painted curbs and ledges and slopes at the end of a sidewalk as a skateboarder would and I’m always imagining that I’m skating them, yet my skateboard stays in my trunk 99.9% of the time.  I’ve taken it out on occasion when I get to my second job just to cruise around the parking lot to remember what it feels like to have this wooden oasis with 4 wheels at my feet again, but I feel so out of shape because well….I am.  I’m back to my heaviest weight at 220 lbs for a 5 foot 7 guy and when I try to do any tricks where I leave the ground, it feels like a bowling ball is in my gut tugging it down when I land and I find it much harder to get that upward trajectory going when your heavier.  Anyways, enough of my whining…I stumbled upon this video today of hebeb394 and was floored by this 330lb skater ripping the park up.  Apparently I just need to shut up and skate! 🙂

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