Mikey Whitehouse – No Comply Flip – MAJER TIPS

I am so impressed with this trick tip. The no comply is probably my favorite trick. Back in high school in 1992, my senior year…well actually let’s say my junior year in 1991 was a year that I basically spent doing no comply variations all the time. When I got back into skating in 2004, I was back at the no comply….but I never was able to get a no comply flip, on purpose anyway. This guy has them nailed…I need to get back on my board and start practicing these! I truthfully haven’t been on my board in over a year or maybe 2…it’s so weird because I think of skateboarding everyday, but I just don’t know when to do it nowadays…I’m always working or doing something else…I’m long overdue! I miss the escape from stress that skateboarding gives me….the feeling of being a kid. I’ll be 40 this week…I kind of had a rebirth at 30 years old and skated for about 3 years like an obsessed teenager, thinking about skateboarding all the time, morning, noon and night….it was crazy. I think back like maybe I was having a midlife crisis or something? Hope that doesn’t mean I’m dying at 60! Anyways, maybe 40 could be another rebirth of skateboarding for me….just not as obsessed as before…I think my wife would appreciate that. 🙂

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  1. I was a junior in 91 myself and have been skating about 4 years. I basically quit for the common reason, lol. I skated again about 7 years ago for about a month to show my nephew a few old school tricks. I took a bad bail, twisted my ankle a bit and got skeered….I got a family to feed. I'm now 41 and my son is into skating and I'm back! I actually landed a kick flip for the first time the other day. These kiddos have YouTube, they are so lucky! Who knew you kicked up and out instead of down?

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