Frankie Hill gets Thrasher Magazine’s Classics Feature

I remember when I first saw Frankie Hill in Powell Peralta’s “Public Domain” video.  My jaw dropped when he ollied down huge staircases or jumped on long rails.  This was all new to me in 1988 and back then there were not that many skate videos so whenever a new one came out, it was appreciated so much more than I think today’s skate videos….now you can just go online and see new stuff all the time and see amateurs that skate just as good as the pros.  Frankie Hill polished up his kickflips in Ban This…they were pretty raw in Public Domain, but kickflips were so new then and boards were much larger and harder to flip then too.  Sad, but I have just as hard a time now flipping my board as I did then even with the skinnier boards.  But it’s funny because even after 12 years of not stepping on a skateboard, I was still able to land a kickflip on my fish shaped John Lucero Board I had from 1990 I think.  Anyways, love watching Frankie Hill skate…he has so much energy, it’s fun to watch. 🙂 BTW…Mute grabs were my all time favorite grab back then! 🙂

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