Tony Hawk’s Rad Science Exhibit

This is awesome, I love when skateboarding is presented in an educational way. Growing up as a skateboarder in middle school, I remember my teachers referring to skateboarding as a waste of time and at least one teacher referring to me as a skateboard punk. Ha, back then I wished I was a skateboard punk, but no, I wasn’t that cool. 🙂 I did love skateboarding though and still do.  I’d love to take my kids to this exhibit.  The exhibit runs though January 20, 2013 in Las Vegas and more information can be found at the link below.

Here are some pictures from the exhibit:

Photos from:

Check out the HoverBoard on the right from the movie Back To The Future!  AWESOME!!!! 🙂  (Photo from

Interactive board balance station  (Photo from

Tony Hawk himself testing out the board balance station.  (Photo from

Kids testing out Friction Hill  (Photo from

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