Ron Cofall of Hilton Head Island shreds at age 71

I saw this article on this guy and had to share….the original article is at

Now, this guy is brave!  He did say he skateboarded in his 30s in the 70s but that was over 40 years ago, so this guy is basically starting to skate in his 70s and that takes some guts….I mean, I worry about breaking bones now at 37, so I am overly cautious at times…I would think at 70 something, I would be even more overly cautious of my brittle bones.  I mean it’s different if you have been skating all your life and just haven’t quit, but to pick it up as a senior citizen…wow, that takes a special something.  Way to go Ron!  He takes his 6 year old Grandson with him…the article says he skates most mornings and and it took him several months to get a feel for the board.  Ron does have a history of extreme sports in his blood….He did motocross in his 40s and was a competitive windsurfer in his 50s. 

When Ron first stepped on a board again about a year ago while at the park with his Grandson, he rolled about 10 feet and fell flat on his back….now I would think most senior citizens would never step on a board again, but Ron said to himself while watching the kids roll around the park, “I can do this!”.  He’s had his share of spills ever since — breaking his wrist, hitting his head so hard that he damaged a retina, needed a neck brace among other things that have required even overnight hospital stays!  Ron says that getting hurt isn’t a deterrent, it’s just an impediment to doing what he wants.  Skate or Die Ron!  Keep it up! 🙂

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  1. There are certain sports that are no longer fit for people who are in their senior years. Even if one thinks that he is still physically fit for the sport, you just cannot gamble with uncertainties brought by old age.

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