Go Skateboarding Day 2011

Feeling a bit uncoordinated and out of shape this Go Skateboarding Day as you can see in the vid, but I had fun as usual….this was my desperation attempt of getting in some skateboarding on that day…edit of a 10 minute sesh in front of my house in between jobs and changing clothes.  BTW…I’m riding Pig Wheel Street Cruiser 54mm 88a durometer wheels which are a super smooth ride however you definitely give up some slide ability with the softer wheels, I wish you get could have the best of both worlds somehow…you know, slide when you want slide and grip when you want grip without having to change wheels.  I may have to go back to 99a…even though it is so bumpy on street, but it seemed to work best for me since I normally skate at the skatepark where it is smooth….I have some bones STF wheels, but I tend to come really close to wiping out in the bowls everytime I use those wheels…way to slippery….I also hit a wet spot with those wheels back in November and wow, worst fall I have ever had without breaking anything…I don’t need that again!  You know, I’m just reading my post back to myself and am hearing a younger version of myself saying “You know what Kraston, maybe you just need to learn how to lean more into your powerslides like when you were younger!”   and I’m thinking “You know what younger Kraston, we didn’t ride 88a’s back then, we rode 97a!” and they were bigger wheels and the concrete where you lived in Nebraska was just smoother everywhere and oh yeah, you had younger legs back then that weren’t so picky about terrain!”  So take that! Ha!  I’m thinking I’m loosin’ it! 🙂

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  1. I've been riding those Accel wheels 60mm Budget Series Rock and Rollers for a few years. Can't find the green ones anymore but the pink ones are available through TGM. They say 85a but they ride more like a 90a. Soft enough for rough crete but hard enough to slide. Actually thought about going back to Rat Bones 60mm but in a 90a instead of the 85a like I rode for several years. The only drawback is the fact that they are not center set bearing, and they are heavy. I'm riding 58mm 87a OJ Keyframes on one set up now too. Perfect for rough streets but I'm like you, I like to slide and the 87a just doesn't slide.

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