Williamsburg Locals VirginGrub Montage 4

Back when I started skating again in 2004, when I went to the local skatepark, I would always consistently see this group of kids that were really good. They were a permanent fixture at the skatepark and I got very used to seeing them over the years, however they grew up and graduated from high school and now I only see some of them every once in awhile. Somehow back then I found them on the web at Virgingrub.net which is no longer up I think and I saw pics of them on the Antigravity skatepark website. They were the only locals that I found posting cool skate vids of themselves online and as odd as this sounds, I was a big fan of their skate pics and footage…I really enjoyed watching them progress and hone their craft….they got to be really good. Unfortunately I found out one of the guys I knew, Tommy Karafa and his friend Robbie Mccormack had passed away in a car accident in 2008 right here in Williamsburg off Centerville Rd. I found out about a year after he had passed away. My heart goes out to his friends and family who have been dealing with this tragic death over the years. This video includes footage of a local pool I was fortunate to skate at least once before it got filled with debris and also I love the beginning of the video where this dude named Anthony nollie heelflips through the front lobby of a local McDonald’s! 🙂 I think this video is either 5 years old.

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