WOW! Vallely back on Powell Peralta! No Joke!

Stacy Peralta filming Mike V, 1988, Edison, NJ. Photo by Craig Stecyk.

First, check out that pic of Mike V and that kickass No Comply off the block….he was and is one of the masters of that trick.  Him and Ray Barbee were my teachers when it came to No Comply’s.  Play, Pause, Rewind, Repeat!  As if the news couldn’t get any better with the Bones Brigade Documentary in the works…but now Mike Vallely has announced he is dropping everything and returning to his roots on Powell Peralta!!!  This week is going down in history my friends!  His website says he will be featured in the documentary as well.  I wonder what will happen with his newly formed skateboard company.  Ah, who cares, Mike is back with Powell Peralta….the powerhouse behind 80s skateboarding!  He has truly come full circle.  —Ha, I like to research my posts while I’m typing them and well, when I opened up the Regulator Distribution company’s website, I learned the answer to what will happen to By The Sword skateboards.  The following is the post I read…I’m thinking some skateshops are going to be having a sale soon, what do you think?

12.03.10 //Goodbye to By The Sword
SWWWWOOOOOSSSSHHHH !! Thats the sound of a toilet flushing. Well after 6 months of working on “By the Sword” with Mike Vallely, it seems that it has come to an end. We recently recieved an email from Mikes partner with BTS telling us that he got an offer to go back to Powell Peralta and that he is taking it. We at Regulator never had a say in any of it. We just got an email and that was that. Of course we are bummed to not be working with Mike anymore but I think I am more bummed for the shops, distributors and skaters that got behind the message of BTS and supported it. In the end I am stoked for Mike. He is my friend and I only want what is best for my friends. In the meantime maybe Ill steal the “DIY Or Die” slogan?! I really liked that!
So there you go. If you still want to find some stupid skater owned bull shit, is still your place to go!
Now take that to your message boards ya queers!
Kristian Svitak
1-800-Get Bent

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