Bones Brigade Documentary!

I just got this email from Powell Peralta stating that a Bones Brigade Documentary is in the works! No freakin way! I am beyond ecstatic! This is so unreal! I worshiped these guys in my preteen and teen years and to be honest, I still do! I have music on my ipod from Bones Brigade videos and every once in awhile I’ll watch a little bit of a Bones Brigade video.  In 2005, I purchased the “Search For Animal Chin” special edition DVD set which included a DVD with lots of extras and of course commentary on the movie itself.  It was awesome to get this insight about the making of “Animal Chin”.  I can’t wait to learn all the interesting factoids about the Bones Brigade themselves and their experiences with skateboarding in the 80s.   It’s great just to see a picture of them all together discussing this project! The Powell Peralta website states

“Documentary filmmaker, Stacy Peralta in a new film with Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Rodney Mullen, Tommy Guerrero and others will investigate the history, the team and the men to determine what is the legacy of the Bones Brigade. “Five years ago the guys got together and told me they wanted to do this. They believed they had a significant story others would want to know about. So now we’re going to see.””

It also states that a coffee table book is in the works!  Sweet!  Did I ever mention that I have a passion for skateboarding?  Well, I do, just a little bit! 🙂  I just did an internet search on “bones brigade documentary” and it’s just cool to see all the major skate sites I know talking about this within the last couple hours!  I love this skateboarding community! 🙂

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