Ron Allen Spotting

Remember Ron Allen from H-Street videos in the late 80s.  I remember him doing some jaw dropping one foot ollies and ollie airwalks.  It’s not alot of footage but it’s nice to see footage of old skate legends skating.  I feel like we never see these old legends street skating….The last pics I’ve seen of Natas Kaupas, he was pulling an air out of a bowl.  The last thing I saw from Tommy Guerrero was footage of him skating a mini-ramp.  I do see old skate legends skating bowls and vert all the time….what is it with old street skaters, why don’t wee see footage from them skating street still?  I’ve heard Tommy G’s back is jacked, so maybe it’s just wear and tear from street skating that makes them stick more to transitions or maybe its just that we don’t see footage but really they are out there all the time ripping up the streets and skateparks?….I don’t know, but I for one am interested in footage of all those dudes I looked up too and how they are skating today.

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