30 Years Old @ James City County Skatepark in Williamsburg, VA

So, this is the only video footage of myself skateboarding that I currently possess. I may have some old VHS footage from when I was a kid in the late 80s at my parents house in Nebraska. About a year after this video I had gotten much better by my standards. Learning Varial flips, Heelflips and noseslides and learning how to get my kickflips to look better and go higher. Of course now after a broken foot and life knocked me off my board for the last two years, now I can’t even land a kickflip, but I’m getting better, I’m slowly getting noseslides back and just getting a general feeling of stability on my board again. Maybe in a little while I’ll break out the camcorder again. I think I need to put a better quality camcorder on my Christmas wish list…converting tape to digital is NO fun! 🙂

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