Hosoi wins X Games 16 Skate Park Legends

Ok, I kept my eyes glued to the TV during X-Games 16 so I could catch all the skateboarding that they aired and had to put up with all the BMX and motocross…don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching the other sports, but I hate when they keep telling you that skatepark or skateboard street is coming up and really it’s been hours since they starting telling you that skateboarding was coming up next…so annoying! So anyway, I don’t think they actually aired the Skate Park Legends compitition but I was stoked to hear that my idol growing up won back to back this year! Yep, Christian Hosoi took the gold again! Now I’m going to go on a quest to find the footage!

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5 Comments on “Hosoi wins X Games 16 Skate Park Legends”

  1. They only aired it on espn3.com. It was awesome. Cab was killing it. Somebody would have to have captured the footage from the streaming video. I'm not sure we'll see this one again. Hopefully they'll offer it on Itunes.

  2. Thanks Anonymous….I wish I could have seen it when it aired….I didn't know about espn3, so I'll definitely be tuned in to that website next year….I think I may have found some extra footage but it has no sound….looks like practice runs…

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