Mondays with Mike V

Yep, that is me with Mike V back in 2006 on his first concert tour with Revolution Mother at Relative Theory Records in Norfolk, VA. Mike Vallely has an awesome new segment called “Mondays with Mike V” where he will post a video up about various things. I watched the first one yesterday and it was awesome! I swear I can watch any video with him in it and find it entertaining. He is such an awesome guy. I was fortunate to meet him once when he first started touring with his new band Revolution Mother back in 2006. They had a concert in this old record store and it was very small and maybe 15 other people were at the concert…It was one of the best concert experiences ever! Like someone playing a personal concert in your living room or something and I was also pretty stoked because I’d been watching skate videos of him since 1987! So check out his new webshow or whatever you call it on his website

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  1. Nice. Mike did a demo in Charleston back in about 1989. He was riding his Powell board when they made them with Bonite (a layer that looked like black tar paper). Needless to say he was ripping shits. Thanks for the post. Mike has one of the best styles i skateboarding.

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