Jason Lee’s Memphis Beat

Hurray! I was pretty bummed about the cancellation of “My Name Is Earl” and am excited about our favorite skateboarder turned movie star / tv star / celebrity to be back on TV with his new show Memphis Beat on TNT. The premise behind the show sounds hilarious and right up Jason Lee’s alley. IMDB give this description of the show….”A drama centered on a Memphis cop who moonlights as an Elvis impersonator and lives with his mother.” It is good to have Jason Lee back…he is hilarious and I hope he still gets on his board enough to put out another skate video from Stereo Sound Agency. Tune in on June 22 to TNT, the day after GoSkateboardingDay! 🙂

If you are like me, you like to reminisce of the old days when hearing news of skate legends like this…so here is some Youtube vids…Jason Lee singing that stupid song in video days cracks me up everytime! 🙂

Blind Video Days

Blind Video Days Singing Clip

I never saw this Airwalk ad from 1995. I had hung up my skateboard in 1991 sometime and didn’t pick it up again until 2004! Crazy huh?!? Anyways, check it out…it’s pretty classic silly Jason Lee.

Here is Jason Lee in the Earl Mustache days throwing down a tre flip.

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  1. So sick, you left out his part from A Visual Sound or maybe youtube took it down. They're always doing that crap 🙁 Solid post dude!

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