Blog Neglect

Sorry to all those that check this blog for new entries. I got wrapped up in making money with PayPerPost so much, that it was the only thing keeping me blogging. They made a change awhile back to their original way of doing business and my opportunities disappeared and so did my interest in this blog. I wish I had kept plugging away because now I have lost my little Google Pagerank of 2 which helped me get the opportunities to make money at PayPerPost. Looks like I’m starting at the bottom again. Well, I plan on posting here again…I’m motivated because I looked at my sitemeter since I’ve been gone and well, I’m getting more hits on my site since I’ve stopped posting…I don’t get it? Who are the 174 people visiting each week? I love having a small presence on the web…I know it’s very small but over a 100 without any new posts boggles my mind!

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One Comment on “Blog Neglect”

  1. Hi Dishtank,

    I am enjoying your blog. I checked out Still skateboarding and am now checking out this blog. I liked Still skateboarding because I am 38 and still skateboarding. Keep up the good work because I know there are a lot of us Older Guys still pushin out there. If you like check out my blog and maybe we can share some ideas.

    Lets Keep Skating!
    DJ TimTim

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