Suicidal Tendencies Come Alive

So, I was surfing around the web this morning and went to see what is going on with Suicidal Tendencies. Looks like they put together a new website at and released a new album this summer, but only on their website. I have loved Suicidal Tendencies since hearing their debut album(1983)in 1985 so I am always psyched about new material from them. I heard the new song “Come Alive” and I like it. It’s not my favorite sound from them but I still like it. This is more the metal sound which most of their career was thrash metal. But the first album is my all time favorite, they were a pure punk band on that album. They did come out with another punk album on 1999’s Freedumb and I enjoyed that as well. My favorite metal album from ST is Lights, Camera, Revolution from 1990. I can listen to that album and their first from front to back…all songs are awesome! I hope the new one proves to be that good. It’s sad to not see Robert Trujillo with ST anymore, although he is an awesome fit with Metallica. Have a listen to their latest release….I couldn’t bring myself to post the video…I don’t know…It just doesn’t fit the image of Suicidal Tendencies that I grew up listening to…I find it embarrassing and it takes away from the song in my opinion….so here is the song with the album cover.

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