Skateboard Company Helps Homeless

Well, I work as a computer technician in a library during the day and for the last couple days I have overheard conversations between a couple homeless folks who have seeked refuge from the outdoors in the library. I’ve been noticing them more and more in the library lately and it’s just such a sad thing to see. On one hand, I want to help, on the other hand, I just want to make sure I never end up on that side of the tracks. It’s just so hard, plus one of the librarians said they saw the guy with his pants down in the library playing with himself, which to me signifies a possible mental problem. This is an older guy who probably doesn’t have any family. I overhead that he has a high school education and the homeless lady trying to talk to him has a masters degree. I wish I was rich so that I could help them, but even then, some people just want a free ride and some people have addictions that put them on the street…theses are problems that only money cannot solve. But it really makes you think about how easily it can all slip away from you and what really scares me is that I live paycheck to paycheck and have no savings, so losing my job would be catastrophic.

Well, seeing the homeless in my town lately had gotten me thinking about a skateboard company I heard about awhile back that was geared to helping the homeless and less fortunate. They are HOBO Skate Company. This is what it states on their website….

“Because the Hobo Skate Company shares the same streets with the homeless and the less fortunate, we feel it our social responsibility to give back and help those in need. We have created the Hobo Foundation for this purpose and hope to change lives for the better. Hobo Skateboard Company will donate a percentage of all its revenue to the Hobo Foundation which will go towards this cause. In these economic times the need has never been greater.”

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