Skate Church

I find it so interesting how skateboarding and religion has fused together so much that you can now go to churches where you skate and hear a lesson. I think it’s such a genius way of introducing kids who would otherwise just be falling asleep at church like myself when I was a teenager (uh, ok, I still fall asleep in church, I admit it!). I know back in maybe 2005 or 2006 I attended a religious skateboard event that was headed up by actor Stephen Baldwin called Livin’ It. I thought it was pretty cool that he got involved in an action sports/religious movement. Livin’ It made 2 films, one of which included a first video appearance by Christian Hosoi after being released from prison….although he started out the Blind video but it wasn’t much of a skate segment. Also in the second film by Livin’ It, includes other legends like Lance Mountain and Ray Barbee. I haven’t seen it, but am going to see if I can find footage of it on the internet. So, if you’ve never checked into this movement, do a search for “Skate Church” on Google and you will be amazed by the pages and pages of content that comes up!

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