Dinosaur Jr. and Skateboarding

Well, I know this album has been out since the summer, but sometimes I miss things that happen in the music world that I care about and this is one of them. Dinosaur Jr. has always been a part of skateboard culture with there songs being featured in many skate video parts and J.Mascis actually does some skateboarding. This picture of him doing a trick on the right is actually him and not a stunt double. In the video for “Over It” Two of the band members are on BMX bikes but never had experience with BMX before the video. J. Mascis is on a skateboard because he actually had experience on a skateboard, but he still had a stunt double to do most of the tricks. His stunt double was Pro Skater Kyle Leeper. Here is a pic below of the two side by side and the video for “Over It”. If you haven’t seen or heard it, check it out. “Over It” is such a catchy song like “Freak Scene” is.

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