Old School Skates.com

Ok, so I was browsing the web with a google search for old school skateboarding and came across this site. Wow, what a memory trip! If you are looking for some old school decks in there original dusty shrink rap or maybe some Lappers or tailskids or copers! 🙂 Well, this is the place to go my friend! 🙂 I’m not getting any money from these guys for advertising for them, I just am because I’m excited about all this stuff from my heyday of skateboarding. I actually loved copers! You could grind forever on anything and never get hung up! I made my own out of PVC pipe taken from the scrap boxes at building sites. 🙂 Ah, the good ole days! Just look at that lapper! They sure did help me get up curbs before I learned to ollie! 🙂

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