Skateboarder: Ray Barbee

Ray Barbee had a big impact in my skateboarding back in the late 80s. After initially seeing his video part in Powell-Peralta’s Public Domain with Steve Saiz and Chet Thomas “The Rubber Boys”. It changed my skating forever. From then on, I was in love with the “No Comply”. It became my main trick that I did everywhere besides the ollie. I would study Ray Barbee’s video part and try to learn his lines which seems so effortless. I still love watching him skate…he also makes music now. I can only dream of being able to land all his No Comply variations! 🙂 Check out some of his footage below…his public domain footage I watched over and over back in the day…or course that was the only footage I had…my parents had purchased the Public Domain video for me for Christmas and it was the only video from back in the 80s that I actually owned and not copied. 🙂 Oh, and man, I remember taping the audio from the Public Domain part to tape because I loved the music so much…I then played the tape outside on my boombox while we skated either a launch ramp or the rail that I had in my front yard made with 2x4s and plastic coping! 🙂 Ah yes, the Good Ole’ Days! 🙂 By the way, the music from Ray Barbee’s public domain part is “Weakness” by McRad…yeah and you can believe I’ve got it on my iPod. 🙂

Public Domain “Rubber Boys” – 1988

Public Domain “Mini Ramp Sesh” – 1998

Ban This – 1989

Propoganda – 1990

This is my Element – 2007

Unfortunately I can’t find a clip of Ray Barbee In the Firm’s “Can’t stop the Firm”…but I did find some of what looks like homemade footage, but mabye it is an older Firm video from 1992? Not sure. Worth a watch though.

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