Pro Skateboarder Jereme Rogers Retires?

I’ve got to say, when I first saw this posted on SkateDaily, I was stunned and confused. I mean, okay, so he wants to focus on music now, fine. But a big announcement that you are “Officially Retiring from Skateboarding” along with a retirement party? What the hell? Who does that in skateboarding? It just seems like he is saying that he is not going to skateboard anymore, whereas skaters like Tony Hawk announced way back that he was retiring from Competitive skateboarding. So he still skates, just doesn’t compete…now that makes sense for a skateboarder….do we ever really want to quit skateboarding…..I don’t think so unless you really don’t have that passion for it and you just did it because you had a gift for it. Maybe that is what it’s about for him, maybe he just had a gift but not a love for skateboarding that I think most of us who have stuck with it for so long, have. I mean, look at Jason Lee, star of “My Name Is Earl”. Did he ever announce his retirement from skateboarding? I don’t think so…if so I missed it. We all know he still skates and makes appearances in videos every once in awhile and we also know he is an actor. I just don’t get why Jereme Rogers announced his retirement, why not just go about your business focusing more on you music and less on skateboarding…but still skateboard? Whatever…I just thought it was weird…

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