Remember Airwalks?

I do mean the shoes and not the trick. I was passing by Payless Shoe Store one day and I saw on their window a banner for Airwalk Shoes. If you were skating in the late 80’s, you probably had a pair of Airwalk skate shoes at some point. Remember the big velcro shoelace cover? Well, I went to Payless Shoes website and scrolled through the airwalk selection. I wasn’t impressed. I don’t understand why one of the first companies to make shoes just for skateboarding has gotten away from that. They are cheap and I feel like i must get a pair for nostalsia purposes. The one I have pictured up top is the closest I could find to that logo they used to have on all there shoes back in the late 80s. The picture below is an Airwalk Reissue of their “Prototype” shoe in the late 80s….wow, I remember those! I always wanted a pair of those but remember them costing too much.

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4 Comments on “Remember Airwalks?”

  1. Hot! Irie member the first Airwalk hitops were canvas and looked like Vans. The leather prototypes were much tougher. I skated a hole thru the bottom of the shoe well before the sides were blown out. And as for the lace protector on some of the shoes I remember cutting those off with an X-Acto knife right at the skate shop. Rad.

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