I am very impressed with this website. I actually stumbled upon a website called which one day got me over 1,000 hits. Although it stopped working for some reason the last couple days I’ve tried it. So I saw that the traffic being referred by and so I visited that site and found out that it does the same thing that fiddlewiddle does. I’m not really sure, but I think fiddlewiddle is a work in process by the guy behind alphainventions. Anyhow, I highly recommend visiting and adding your blog to their rotating list and you will instantly get more traffic and exposure as well as the chance to discover some interesting new blogs for yourself as they rotate through. The creator of this website is just plain brilliant! What a great idea! Check it out yourself!

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2 Comments on “Alphainventions”

  1. Hi this is Chris Falco I am the owner of Fiddlewiddle and my very close friend cheru jackson owns Alpha inventions, and we both thank you very much for mentioning us in your blog. I do apologize for fiddlewiddle not working that day, I found a problem and had to write a script to fix it, but believe me all kinks have been worked out. And you are absolutely right Cheru Jackson is a genious, I call him the Mad Scientist, and I thank god everyday that he is my friend! By the way this skate page is wicked keep up the good job!

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