Skateboarding Bulldogs get Float in Rose Parade

I remember the first time I saw a dog skateboarding. I was sitting at my parents house in chilly Nebraska in 1988 on Christmas Day. I got the Bones Brigade “Public Domain” video on VHS for Christmas and couldn’t wait to watch it! I popped it in and there is a segment with Lance Mountain where a bulldog chases him down and steals his skateboard from him and starts pushing away…hilarious! 🙂 Well, today’s most famous skateboarding Bulldogs that I know of are Meaty from Rob and Big and Tyson and Tillman who are featured in commercials, TV shows, talk shows, etc.

Well, apparently Tyson and Tillman are sponsored by the Natural Balance premium pet food line founded by celebrity Dick Van Patten. Natural Balance will have a float in the Rose Parade featuring a track that Tyson and Tillman will skate on while the float comes by. The float features a vibrant 15-foot-long sculpted skateboard and a 16-foot tall floral bulldog. Unbelievable! 🙂 I can’t wait to see this. I found some practice footage of them on YouTube. They seem to have a problem with going around the track, instead they go back and forth but they have time to practice some more! 🙂 ha!

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