Skate Like A Girl

This morning I got an email from my Mom and Dad in Bellevue, Nebraska (My childhood hometown). They told me how it was -2 degrees outside. Burr! That is freakin’ cold compares to the 70 degrees it is today in Williamsburg, VA. We don’t really go below 20 degrees here and seem to mainly hover around 50-60 degree weather in the winter. So I started to get nostalgic about Nebraska and skateboarding and was thinking about the spots I used to go to on a regular basis for skateboarding as a kid. I was mainly thinking about this ditch we used to skate in Capehart housing (housing for the military but not on the base itself) This ditch intertwined down the middle of the backyards of these homes and it was a small ditch but not tiny…it probably had about 7 foot of flat and 4 foot of incline on both sides and it was not straight…it curved around and reminded me alot of Wallows in Animal Chin, but smaller. I maybe remembering this ditch larger, but I can’t find for the life a me a picture or any video footage on Youtube or anything…so annoying in a day and age where you find virtually anything on the internet. Anyways, I remember having some fun sessions at that ditch…if any Nebraska skaters stumble upon my blog and know the ditch I’m talking about, post a comment! Thanks! So in my quest for youtube footage or pics of the ditch I used to skate, I found this website “Skate Like A Girl” and the redo of the Powell skull above is a sticker they are making. I enjoyed browsing this blog and enjoyed the pics and blog entries…check it out if you have some time. I love finding new to me skate sites and am always impressed with women skaters especially when I see them at my local park…they are such a minority and I welcome them!

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