No Comply never dies!

The No Comply was invented by pro skater Neil Blender in the 80s.

I first recall learning this trick after watching Powell Peralta’s Public Domain Video back in 1987. I first learned a 180 no comply, then a forward no comply, then I learned my one of my absolute favorite tricks to do and it always confuses little kids. A 180 no comply where you land on your back wheels and then pivot back forward again, a 180 no comply pivot perhaps? I learned it from this video though where Ray Barbee, whom I consider the master of no comply’s, does a great job executing it and I can’t really recall a video clip of anyone else doing it.

I have seen newer videos of people doing no comply 180s to pivot all the way around on their back truck 360. There are so many variations of the no comply that can be done and for some reason I just find this trick to be so much fun, I love it! Oh man, I absolutely can’t forget to talk about the No Comply off parking blocks…I love this trick. I do it no handed and a grab variation. If you’ve never tried it, you must learn it and you will be sure to impress your friends. I also love doing no comply’s to tail, both 180 and 270. I do those on curbs and ledges…again, so much fun and not very hard! 🙂 I think I saw the 270 variation first in one of the Santa Cruz videos from the 80s. Yes, you gotta love YouTube!!! I just found Tom Knox’s clip from the 1989 Santa Cruz video “Speed Freaks” This is the skateboarding I grew up with and some of the last tricks I was working on back in high school.

Here is a nice Tony Hawk Trick Tip with Mike V that shows a couple different variations on the No Comply…I think it is just missing the grab and the parking block no comply. Mike V had a nice part in Public Domain as well where he shows off his No Comply skills and that is where I really perfected the parking block no comply. Both of these video clips are below…check them out and then hit the streets trying out these fun old school tricks! 🙂 I’m glad to see new skate vids with the new pro’s and am’s doing no comply variations like no comply 180s down a set of stairs…awesome!

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