Butt Pads? I’m speechless.

So, I just finished purchasing a Christmas gift for my wife on Overstock.com and so it seems to me this store has everything, so I figured I’d do a search for skateboards and see what kind of deals and brands of skateboard decks and hardware they are selling. Once I saw this thing, my jaw dropped to the floor. Part of me is saying OMG, really, are you kidding me, a butt pad for skateboarding—how lame can you get? The other part thought, hmmm, you can hide it under your clothes, nobody would know and your butt and hips would be nicely padded….nahhhh!! That’s just crazy…or is it? I can hear the conversation at the skatepark now, gee Kraston, you look like you’ve gotten a little chunky in the hips and buttocks area. Yeah, must be the holidays! ha! 🙂 Little do they know, I’ve got my Hilbilly Buttpad on! 🙂 Hilarious! I just realized it appears to only come in small and extra small….okay, so maybe this is intended for little ones…hmmm, great idea for my kids to wear year round—I’m often saying to my wife, we should make them wear helmets all the time! 🙂

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4 Comments on “Butt Pads? I’m speechless.”

  1. I've never noticed from 1970s skater pictures of anyone wearing padded shorts, but then again, I probably wasn't paying attention to that. Thanks Marc's Board Shop for commenting…I was beginning to think I was alone out here. ha!

  2. Thanks Nikoli…I hadn't gotten any comments until yesterday, so until then I wasn't even sure anybody saw my blog. Cool! I think I would definitly like the butt pads if I was skating the mega ramp, that is for sure!

  3. We wore shorts back in the 1970's called Mad Rats. The shorts had replaceable hip pads and they really helped. They looked a little funny but they really protected your hips from injury

  4. Dammit… another skate blog I think I'm just gonna have to visit all the time! Nice.

    As for the buttpads, I think Bob Burnquist and Danny Way could show you some slams where there were glad they were wearing said booty armor… Danny's latest, it still didn't matter, cracked 2 vertebra… But(t) they do look a bit uncomfy for reals.

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