Obama’s Treasury Secretary a Skateboarder?!?!

Yeah, you read that right! Sweet! Although I’m sure there are many skateboarders in many professions that would shock people, but they don’t advertise it and so we don’t know… I just think it is pretty awesome to know that part of the presidents administration is a fellow skateboarder, so you know he could be sitting at the whitehouse daydreamin of skatin’ sometimes. 🙂 ha! Ok, maybe that wouldn’t be such of good thing, but hey, he is an insider, a skateboarder close to the president….I’m thinking he could be like “Psst, hey Mr. President, I was thinking, we should really approve some legislation to take down all of these “No Skateboarding” signs. It’s just our youth trying to get some exercise, for God’s sake!” Ok, I know, skateboarding can be destructive and I can agree with some places, that skateboarding should not be allowed. I work at a library and there are some pretty marble ledges for people to sit around a fountain and the surface around the marble is brick. Now, as a skateboarder myself, when I first saw those ledges, the skateboarder in me was salivating! I was envisioning all the tricks I could do on those ledges or attempt on those ledges! 🙂 But I also saw the bricks as a deterrent, I hate skateboarding on bricks and now that I’ve been spoiled with skateboard parks and the smooth surfaces they have that I’m a bit of a surface snob now, no crappy bumpy parking lot pavement for me hommies! I only glide on the smooth crete! Well, skateboarders have skated these ledges and have been kicked out before from what I’ve heard from the librarians I work with. Unfortunately, the pretty marble is no longer pretty where skateboarding has happened and you can see the wax that was applied and the damage from noseslides and grinds. So, I think some places “although inviting” should not be skated on. I know, all you teenagers are like “whatev, we’re skating it”….I was the same way, but this is what happens when you become a grown-up. You start realizing things cost money and if you pay respect to things and people, you will get respect back.
Here is a link to the article if you are interested in reading more about him….

Tim Geithner article in the Huffington Post

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