Footlocker owns CCS now?

Apparently this is old news, but Footlocker has bought out CCS, the online/catalog skateboard store. What is the world coming to? Before it was Wrangler bought out Vans….now that was just wrong in my mind, but they have done a good job keeping these very different parts of the companies separate from what I’ve seen. I have not witnessed the Van’s store carrying Wranglers, nor have I seen Van’s with the Wrangler logo on them…thank God! I guess Footlocker wanted something more than just selling skateboard shoes in there stores. They wanted a piece of the skateboard market. I think CCS is a pretty successful store, I know I enjoy looking at there catalogues, although I rarely have any money to buy anything from them and there website is pretty kickass and appears to have improved since the last time I visited. I envision the Footlocker guys riding around the stores on skateboards now, or worse, they try to help skateboarders and say the wrong terms for tricks, like you should try these DC shoes, they really help with your jump tricks and your rail glides. LOL! 😛

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